CES 2018: Vivo showcases world’s first In-Display fingerprint scanning Smartphone

Vivo V7 Plus First Impressions

CES 2018 is in full swing and is giving us a chance to witness the next generation technology products. The devices and technologies on showcase will shape our user experience in the coming years. One such product is the next-gen. biometric scanning technology developed by Synaptics and implemented on a Vivo smartphone. It is world’s first ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanner that draws attention from a global audience.

Vivo says that the futuristic Vivo in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone offers consumers an unprecedented mobile experience, defining a new era of mobile interaction. The latest fingerprint scanning technology will enable users to unlock their smartphone through one-touch fingerprint scanning directly on the smartphone display. The technology aims to offer better and more convenient fingerprint authentication experience in future smartphones.

Vivo first presented a prototype of company’s fingerprint scanning solution at MWC Shanghai 2017 based on an ultrasonic sensor. Vivo says that the new biometric scanning technology is a showcase of a ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone featuring an optical fingerprint sensor. It is a big leap forward in bringing consumers this long-awaited, futuristic mobile experience.

The next-gen. biometric technology is developed with Vivo global partner Synaptics. Named as Clear ID FS9500 optical in-display fingerprint scanner, the new authentication technology could be seen in Vivo smartphone flagships in the early part of 2018. Vivo has mentioned that the availability of Vivo’s first in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone will be announced in early 2018.

It will be interesting to see how the new biometric scanning technology will affect the smartphone usage and the industry trends. As per some reports, the new technology is said to be twice as fast as 3D facial recognition, which has largely failed to impress the world. We believe the Synaptics’ backed new in-screen fingerprint scanners will allow Vivo (and other manufacturers) to design smartphones with even smaller bezels.

As the biometric scanner can be fitted under the screen, we can expect a number of smartphones ditching the rear-mounted fingerprint scanners for a more comfortable user experience.

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