6 Android settings you probably wouldn”t have tried

Are you an Android user for years now? If so, you might assume that you know the settings of Android inside out. But there could be some options that you might have come across accidentally and it might turn out to be useful for you. It is common and many people might come across such features.

Unfortunately, you would have overlooked some feature as the Android settings menu has many menus and sub-menus. This makes it difficult to find more vague options. There could be many features that you were not aware of till now and that is what we will see here. Note that the settings given below might not be available for all users as these settings and options will differ based on the device manufacturer.

Screen magnification

Sometimes you might have come across a small font or tiny picture as you browse the web. If you use a desktop, then you can zoom in to take a closer look at the same. On mobile, you can open Settings and go to Accessibility > System > Magnification Gesture and turn it on. On enabling this, you can triple tap on the screen to zoom in and navigate by dragging your fingers around the display. To go to the standard view, you need to triple tap again on the screen.

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Invert screen colors

The accessibility menu will offer useful features. To invert the screen colors, you can open Settings and go to Accessibility > Display > Color Inversion and turn it on. This could be easy on your eyes when using your phone in a dark room but it will impact the performance of your device.

Add more printing services

It will be useful to print a document directly from your phone. Google Cloud Print is there but you can add more printers too. There are many plugins from leading printer companies like HP and Epson. To add a printer plugin to your phone, go to Settings > Printing > Add Service. From the list of plugins, you should tap on an icon to install it.

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Make passwords visible

Passwords should be long with a mix of numbers, letters and special characters. It might not be possible to remember these passwords. So you can go to Settings > Security > Passwords > Make passwords visible and turn it on to make the passwords visible.

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Set your billing cycle

To set a bill date, go to Settings > Data Usage > Billing cycle. Here you can choose to get warnings when you are close to the limit and also disable mobile data if you exceed the limit. You can also get a graph showing the usage of mobile data.

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Touch and hold delay

If you want to change the time it takes for a long press, then you can go to Settings > Accessibility > System > Touch and hold delay. From here, you can choose between the options Short, Medium and Long.

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